Noun: An establishment where metal is melted and poured into molds.

Foundry Partners, LLC is a boutique asset management company that specializes in active management and delivering positive risk adjusted returns for our clients. Although we currently service a variety of institutional and public clients, our name pays homage to our investment philosophy and the types of clients we built our roots on. Similar to an actual foundry, our portfolio managers look to take raw assets and mold them into a comprehensive and refined portfolio. Like the men and women who work hard on those foundry floors, we are always working to build a solid investment foundation for our clients.

Investment Styles

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Our value strategies are built on the foundation of merging fundamental analysis with the indication of a positive catalyst. We feel this approach helps us identify statistically attractive and undervalued stocks while avoiding a classic value pitfall of investing too early.

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Our core strategies seek companies demonstrating positive investor sentiment coupled with solid operating momentum. We believe that when a company is experiencing positive fundamentals and is exceeding expectations, investors benefit from an accelerating growth rate.

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Our growth strategies identify companies with attributes indicative of improving profitability and accelerating growth trends. Coupled with positive investor sentiment, our valuation discipline looks to combine these characteristics with favorable risk/reward potential.

From Our President

I am very proud to announce that three of Foundry Partners’ eight equity strategies were recently recognized by the PSN database. Our All Cap Value, Micro Cap Value, and Mid Cap Growth strategies all received Top Gun status by PSN for Q4 of 2013. “Top Gun” status is awarded to the top 10 performers within one or more of PSN’s peer groups. This is further confirmation of the hard work and vision that everyone at Foundry Partners has had a hand in!

– Tim Ford, President and CEO